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The reconciliation Webhook is an HTTP server, listening for POST requests from klander.

It allows you to implement a complex business logic to determine the reconciliation action to take.

Request/Response Schema

State Reconciliation Request

On each resource needing reconciliation, a POST request will be sent to the specified webhook.

The following body will be sent as JSON:

apiVersion: datapio.co/v1
kind: StateReconciliationRequest
  object: # the non-compliant resource

State Reconciliation Response

The webhook's response MUST be a JSON object validating this schema:

API GroupVersionKind
apiVersionstringKubernetes resource API version
kindstringKubernetes resource kind
specResponse SpecSpecification of the desired behavior

Response Spec

Delete reconciliation

deletebooleanIf true, non-compliant resources will be deleted

Patch reconciliation

patchobjectThe patch to apply on each non-compliant resources